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We all have had problems with our natural hair layers not being too lengthy (at least long enough to meet the cheek bone/chin length) or dense enough to cover the wefts on top or to enable our extensions get attached to our hair. Unfortunately, I’ve had to be the bearer of bad news to some clients who had too short or too damaged hair come in for NBR extensions.  As much as I would like to say NBR can be the saving grace for everyone, there are certain requirements to be met for extensions to blend and look natural.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of hair medication or treatment. Here is a clients’ experience on her hair battles and how we both teamed up to go through the transformation process.

“I first came to Jodi in March of 2017 hoping to join the NBR fellowship of ladies with awesome hair-do. Sadly, my hair wasn’t capable of accommodating the extensions due to the amount of damage and breakage. My bangs were barely 2” long and I had been taking medications previously that were not helping my hair situation at all! My hair felt just like straw. You can imagine my horror!

After a year of Jodi teaching me so much on the best hair regimes, products and hair tools, my hair was finally long enough for NBR to blend. I got my extensions and trust me, it was definitely worth the wait! With a gorgeous hair that I can now pull up in a ponytail confidently, I’ve found happiness and I’m always ready to preach the gospel of Jodi anytime, any day. Jodi is truly amazing at what she does and it shows because it is what she loves. I’m so happy I found Jodi and NBR extensions!”


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