Much like how our stomach would growl to remind us to eat, or your skin would let you know you when it needs lotion, our hair tells us exactly how its feeling and what it needs. All we need to know is how to translate.

Our bodies feel pain whenever something goes wrong with it. Well, your hair is actually dead protein cells. That’s right, the hair visible on your head (the hair shaft) exhibits no biochemical activity is considered “dead”. It doesn’t do much in the sensory field, BUT it does talk to you in other ways.



Since hair are dead protein cells, what does it need to keep it strong? That’s right, PROTEIN. Extra nutrients to make sure it doesn’t shrivel up. Here are ways you can tell when your hair talks to you:

·       If your hair is all tangled up when it’s dry, it needs MOISTURE.

·       If your hair is super tangly when it’s wet, it needs PROTEIN. Lots of it. Probably a few treatments at least.

I’ve noticed how a lot of people out there mix up these two. They go about thinking the answer is Coconut Oil. NOPE! What coconut oil does is that it coats the outside of your hair adding shine and luster. You’ll need something stronger to be able to penetrate the hair strand and actually give the much needed moisture and protein to the hair strand!

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