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Ever had that awesome idea or opportunity to make your ideas come true but was held back due to fear of the unknown? This happens at several points in our lives but because we care about what people say or worry about if we are worthy enough, we tend to draw back to our shells.

This was my story for several years of my life. I consider myself to be open but always had issues with being confident which surprisingly, was not noticed by friends and family who seemed to think this girl had no issues being smooth (only if they knew).

My opportunity came almost two years ago while on an out of town road trip for some research work. Having gone to a journey to discovering my confidence, I discovered NBR and believe it or not, HAIR literally changed my life! I started to believe the things I tell myself every moring. I am capable, beautiful and worthy,

Although the right hair-do can give you enough confidence to last through the day, that confidence is based on societal high regard for physical appearance. Self-love or worth plays a bigger part in building inner confidence that can last through a lifetime which becomes really important when one comes across a rough patch in life.

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The discovery of NBR one year ago brought a new sense of direction into my world and opened it to a life of limitless possibilities. I spoke up, walked a bit differently and tried new things. The journey was not perfect but I can’t say if I would have turned out to be this enlightened individual if I didn’t take the leap with Natural Beaded Rows.

The most unlikely things give us the courage to be better sometimes. I know it gave me the courage to leave my comfort zone and get comfortable in front of a camera and although it may sound silly, my road map was hair extensions, but I’ve seen the changes in my clients after a 3-hour appointment. I paint the possibility that they can be who they have always wanted to be and that way, I can change their world.






It worked for me, and it has worked for all my clients. It’s your turn to take a leap of faith.

Remember, always
Aspire to Inspire!

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