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I had an appointment with a client I cherish, she described this tragic experience of a car accident about a year prior to us meeting. I decided to share her story with you guys because;

1.    It gives me the chills and makes me cry; and

2.     There are people I’m sure that can relate to the pain of losing hair, especially from something you can’t control.

Here is her story:

My hair has always been a huge identifier since I can remember, you could spot me from afar just by looking at my hair plus I always felt most of my beauty came from my hair. Between having perfect blonde ringlets as a toddler to naturally beachy highlights in my hair, I always had this confident aura about my hair and felt good about it while growing up. In March of 2015, I survived a horrible rollover car accident but unfortunately, the same could not be said for one of my friends. This; aside the physical injuries resulted in over four months of grief and tremendous losses. the last of my losses happened to be my hair. I felt guilty for having any sort of joy during that period so I didn’t care about much, including my hair. So it was certain that losing my hair resulted in losing my confidence. It was a devastating period for me.

Jodi and I met a year and a half later, I was tired of feeling so ugly and I felt myself coming back out of the shell I had been encased in. After a long period of convincing, I finally decided to try NBR. When I opened my eyes after my first appointment, I cried. I felt brand new, I felt my outside matched my true self inside, if that makes any sense. I felt completely out of that shell for the first time since the wreck, I had this restored sense of hope that I could find joy and feel good and confident. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to wear these beautiful extensions and to have someone as magnificent and artistic as Jodi to put them in.”

What an experience right? I could relate to her in a way I’ve told before, before I had NBR I was a hairstylist with sucky hair and lacked certain confidence in my appearance too. It can be surprising how we females can get so much of our worth and confidence from our hair. As a hairstylist, I understand that now. But as a female and human advocate, I feel one’s worth should come from within. Although for some of us, that isn’t enough. We feel our hair gives us PERMISSION to believe in ourselves, to let the most confident side of us out and to step into our power and BE.

That’s what Hannah’s experience was. She was a beautiful soul who has suffered a massive tragedy that overtime affected so much of her confidence and self-worth. As all bad situations, time heals and as Hannah healed, NBR gave her the final permission. Almost like is said to Hannah, “It’s okay darling, you got this”. It’s cheesy but NBR is so much more than an extension method, it’s a life change for most women, a roadmap to the most elevated version of you.

Hannah’s appointment was a sweet and emotional moment, she kept her eyes closed during the process and when I was done, she opened her eyes and was SPEECHLESS. We both cried!

It is truly a gift to be the person to hand deliver that confidence permission on a silver platter to my clients. These moments are why I cherish doing what I do. These tears. The gratitude. The permission. I get to be the girl who says, ‘it’s okay darling, you got this.’ Now go and be the most powerful version of you. Ahh! What a dream.

Can’t wait to share that dream with you.

Remember, always
Aspire to Inspire!

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