There are numerous types and brands of hair extensions but I tend to consider myself as the queen bee of Natural Beaded Rows due to the fact that I’ve done quite a lot of experiment or trials with them. A client who religiously used Great Lengths hair extensions for years finally converted to the best extensions in the market😉.  Her reason?

“I’ve worn extensions for the last seven years straight, I’ve even had what I heard were the “nicest extensions made”. Great Lengths Extensions are every girls dreams because their favorite celebrity wears it. Thinking they were my best option, I visit my stylist every five to six months, I get my fine, flat hair sectioned into about ½ inch sections and using a hot tool, I get little extension bonds melted to my hair. After eight or more hours of going through this, I’m left with a full head of heavy hair that slowly grows out to be a tangled, stringy mess. Five or six months later, I get to repeat this experience again.

I had been hearing about NBR but was skeptical especially since I thought I already had the best solution for my hair. Curiosity got the best of me though so I asked around and that was how I met Jodi. I couldn’t help but probe her with questions; Would the extensions blend well with my fine, shoulder-length hair? Would NBR match my ashy, virgin hair? What are my hair styling options? (read: throw it in a ponytail four days a week). Jodi didn’t fail to reassure me that she could blend the NBR extensions seamlessly and patiently answered every single question I threw at her until I was satisfied. I decided to give NBR a trial since I had nothing to lose.

At last, the day came for me to get my new extensions, I had cleared out my schedule for the usual butt-numbing eight or more hours I was used to with Great Lengths so I was armed with great conversation topics to discuss with Jodi as I got my hair done. To my disbelief, Jodi was styling my hair just after an hour. IT TOOK LESS THAN THREE HOURS FROM START TO FINISH people! This alone, made me extremely happy but when I saw my hair I knew I was hooked. It looked full, long, dimensional and most importantly it actually looked like my hair. No more pin head extension bonds to be melted or stringy ends… it looked like healthy, natural hair and I felt amazing.


I dazzled as everyone, even my husband kept telling me how my hair had this certain appeal, how different it looked, I already knew all this because my hair never looked so good! To be honest, everything about the NBR process has been so much easier and apart from an extra six hours of my day, NBR has positively affected the health of my natural hair. I only wish I had switched to NBR sooner.”

And that my dear friends, is the real life experience of how a client became a believer of Natural Beaded Rows.

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