This is one of those experiences that leaves you laughing with tears in your eyes

A client decided to adhere to my suggestions and decided she should try NBR. She has monstrously thick hair but it wasn’t long enough naturally for her liking and was too impatient to let it grow, so NBR was the best option (as always).

I put in two and a half rows of 22” extensions 😱 right?! Every girl’s dream hair! She was a mermaid goddess.

The funny part? Her remarks when I was done. Most first time clients are nervous and excited and usually a bit naive on what to expect. But this girl, she was giddy out of her MIND excited! She kept dishing out amusing and clever comments and was super elated!

She was all, “having all this hair is like a big giant hug to my soul”. Her words guys, not mine. I couldn’t hold it in, I had to burst out laughing.

Sometimes I tend to forget how amazing and powerful a transformation like that is, while curling a client’s hair I don’t usually know what to expect when I reveal the desired result/dream hair. She wasn’t in desperate need; it was a want. Just to feel a little sexier and a little more powerful. And with her hair-do, I can feel her confidence and I have to agree with how right she was about her hair being a giant hug to her soul, like it’s saying, “you got this, girl”.

2018-03-17 19.00.19.jpg


What are you waiting for? You know you want to experience the soul hugging, confidence boost that Natural Beaded Rows provide. I know I look forward to giving and sharing such experience with you.

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