Okay, so guys I’m currently working on videos for this and other core four topics on my Instagram channel. In case you’re wondering what the core four are. They include:

·       Body

·       Being

·       Balance

·       Business


How this works is that I write goals in each of the listed categories. It enables be organize my goals by subject so it doesn’t make my list too overwhelming. To shed more light on the listed categories, Body has to do with fitness goals, Being focuses on things like mental well-being, meditation, reading and other ways to get more centered. Balance enables you to maintain and enrich all the relationships in your life such as your immediate family, significant other, close friends, relatives etc.  and Business puts focus on your work attitude, monetary and career goals.

Here’s the catch though…all these can be SO overwhelming. So, to answer the question in the title above “IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE TOO AMBITIOUS?” My answer is YES. I think it is possible to be too ambitious…to the point where you get too overwhelmed that you might or will eventually give up.  If you’re anything like me, you can get ‘goal happy’ i.e. we get so on fire to bring about so much drastic change and yet the road map to get to the final point is SO daunting.

The trick I employ here is to create what I like to call “MICRO GOALS”. Achieving major goals isn’t such and easy task, these micro goals helps you break the process down thereby making it easier to achieve the major goals you’ve set out. The micro goals could be daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly. We hear successful people talk about how they achieved their goals by creating daily routine and habits. The micro goals are what they mean.

What are some of your goals for 2018? Have you achieved them or you are taking successful steps to get there? I get so motivated when I hear people talk about their resolutions and how they go about it. Please share yours! I would very much like to hear them. I’ll be sharing mine too on Instagram over the next several months and the rest of the year.

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