I’m going to try to put this in very simple terms. These are some of the things that are taught in hair school, for those of you that don’t do hair.



When using color or bleach to make hair light i.e. “lifting” hair, there are only 3 colors that can be exposed. Black to dark brown will expose red. Medium to light brown will expose orange and light brown to blonde will expose yellow. The three colors exposed (Red, Orange and Yellow) are what we call “Underlying Pigment.”

This is where Toner plays its role. Naturally, hair exposes warmth. Everyone’s hair does that and that’s just the way it is. Using Toner, you can control the warmth of the end result. When doing hair, this is a very important component.

So, to fellow stylists and clients out there, the key to making your hair have a polished, finished and healthy look is the use of toners. Please, don’t skimp on them. They make your hair look just how you want.

Stay tuned for more tips on Color Artistry.

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