There are a lot of options, and you all probably know which is my favorite. But before I was able to come to that conclusion, it was a whole experience which I can’t wait to share.


I was in high school, 11th grade precisely, way before NBR became a trend and I was always on the lookout for good hair extensions. I enrolled into hair school that year, and I felt like a sham if I would turn out to be a hairstylist with a crappy hairstyle.

And so my hunt began.

I asked around and went with what my hair school instructors told me about individual strand beaded method being the best on the market. So I trusted them and researched the method.

First off, you’re looking at some serious hair damage with so many points of contact attached. Points of attachments on my head were over 300! Secondly, the method is really TIME consuming. To install the hair extensions alone leaves clients sitting for about 3-4 hours. Lastly, I noticed the beads were prone to slipping. A lot of times when I wore it out in public, I pulled a strand or two just by simply running my fingers through my hair, lol!

With that method, I noticed the cons outweighed the pros. So I kept hunting.

The next hair extension I tried was the good old fashioned Corn Row method. Did someone say PAIN? I got teary eyed when I got it done and cried afterwards. So many tears. The braids felt so tight and on my tender head and very very fragile hair, I couldn’t keep up with the method. Now, let’s get real. If you have fine, fragile hair, don’t leave it in SUPER tight braids for so long. It’s meant for people with coarse hair. This method would suit them perfectly.

The next hair extension I discovered and tried was the Tape-in hair extension. These were the trend back in 2011-2014 and they were the only method you mostly heard about. 

I like the fact that the process was an easy and fast method, also they didn’t hurt, they laid flat, and I could easily conceal them pretty well…at first. Then they grew out and the tape strips at the top would get exposed. Hair strips would turn and get twisted and made my hair a complete mess. I constantly tried to conceal those bad boys but it was such a struggle as I had very little hair to begin with.

Also, similar to the individual stranded beaded method, there was like a million contact points leaving room for likely damage. Another thing with the Tape in was the fact that I couldn’t seem to get the AMOUNT of hair that I wanted. My hair wasn’t near thick even after adding 2-3 bags of hair.

The removal process of these is equally a nightmare. Whoever said using Acetone on hair is a good idea lied! It functions as a rubbing alcohol and is meant to remove moisture. The saddest part was that after the extensions were out, I was left with bald strips! Using glue was soooo messy that it ripped my hair out!☹ ☹

The next I tried was the Bonded method. NAAHHH! Never trying THAT again. Glue is never ever a good idea to mix with your hair just like in the Tape in method.

You would think that’s a given, yeah?


People who work the bonds claim that the method is a protein bond (???) and not glue. But to have them removed, you’ll need to melt the bond off using a flat iron. (MELT IT OFF? SERIOUSLY??) Melt and hair shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. Moreover, I detest flat irons because I’m yet to see a person here who uses a flat iron and has healthy hair.

I knew there were other methods out there that I was yet to experience. I mean, there are people springing up different methods all the time, but my experience with these five methods was enough for me. So, I gave up on hair extensions for a few years. Still, I knew something was amiss, and I needed to figure it out.

Then lo and behold. I discovered the holy grail: The Natural Beaded Method (NBR).

With this method, its pros, pros and more pros. Both removal and installation are quick. NO TAPE, NO GLUE, NO need to worry about damage as there are very little points of contact. Its suitable for all hair types and yes, fine hair too. It also has the thickness and most length of any method I’ve seen. They lay VERY flat. Plus, you have the freedom to customize when it comes to placement and color. I can choose to apply any color I want and it actually does blend with the hair.


Guys, this is the REAL DEAL. There’s no making this up.

After searching for so long, I finally discovered the Holy Grail of Extensions.


All thanks to Danielle White, who created the method that squashed all my doubts with hair extensions. That’s why she’s the queen and I represent her brand with my full and utmost support.

Remember, always
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