So, you’re probably wondering, “How does this even relate to hair or hair extensions? Well, I can promise you it does relate and we’ll get to that.

First, let me briefly explain what “BMS” is.

If you’ve gone through my photos, you’d have seen me tag BMS on some of them, or post about the times in California during my trainings and certifications for Natural Beaded Rows™ at BMS events. BMS stands for Big Money Stylist. It’s a program launched by my mentors about 2 years ago. The classes begun as an intense 2-day boot camp. This was aimed for us to better our NBR skills and also for us to learn a lot about marketing and business. To be accepted, we all had to apply and interview. Honestly, I’ve never been to a class that intense in my life.

Fast forward 2 years later and and after my many trainings, I am a level 3 certified NBR stylist. My weekly trainings and development continues.

Garrett was tired of seeing his wife Danielle put a “slave mentality” attitude towards her work. So, he started BMS and what was once just an NBR class has been revolutionized completely into a MOVEMENT. Right now, Big Money Stylist is a tribe of 180+ artists, Danielle & Garrett and the rest of the trainers who are so bent on completely changing the hair industry. And trust me guys, there is SO MUCH that needs to change.

What needs to be changed? You may ask. Well, things like being a slave behind the chair. Working 15 hours for six days a week, not being able to spend time with your family feeling like you have to say yes to every client, being on a crappy diet, drinking tons of caffeine, etc. I’m serious guys, this industry has so many issues that needs to be addressed.

At the last convention, a 200+ stylist event, Garrett introduced us to what he calls “Core Four”.

They include:

·       Body 

·       Being

·       Balance

·       Business


I’ll go further to explain these briefly:



I’ve noticed how our diets and exercise routines suck. I am also guilty of this. We all have our moments. Currently, poor exercise and diet routine are one of the reasons why anxiety and stress is so common these days.

After reading the book “The Morning Miracle”, I saw how important good morning routines are. How drastically our day is affected differently when we exercise, journals, meditate, and eat healthy foods such as green smoothies, supplements etc.

Garrett explains this as “weaponizing” your body. I know due to different work schedules, not everyone has the time for a morning workout.  What works for me is a little yoga, stretching, burps, and some push-ups to jump start my system in the morning. For my diet, some green smoothies with lots of nutrients and supplements help greatly in order to help the body and mind function at its highest capacity.

Trust me on this guys, if you can take this seriously, you will notice a significant change in your mentality, your everyday well-being, energy levels, and your quality of life.



     This is quite similar to Body. But this puts focus how you can better your mental state. I’m very happy that mental health is something we are aware of in our society presently. I love how the awareness is being spread around. It’s one of the things that matter tight along with self-care.

The quality of your day depends heavily on how you start it. It plays a part in having a solid morning routine.

Keep and write journals, write down what you’re grateful for, things that irk you (it’s really good to vent), also write down your goals and aspirations. Most importantly, try to meditate. Certain people think this is just an act performed by folks who practice yoga, but really it’s more than that. It helps center your mind, relieves stress and helps control anxiety, and can improve how you view things. Trust me guys, it’s a game changer.

Read a good book or two, say prayers, use your journals, and meditate. Overall, take mental health seriously. That’s being. 😊



     This is focused mainly on your relationship. Your relationship with everyone around you is very important. Having turmoil in a relationship that matters to you can greatly affect your work life. For example, I am one of those people who can’t function properly when I know my significant other isn’t okay. I’m sure there are a lot of people like this out there.


Make daily deposits for those relationships that matter to you. These could be your close friends, significant other, co-workers, immediate family, relatives and such. You can plan an activity with them. Try spending quality time with them as it helps to build and strengthen these relationships. Even if there are long distance, we have different means of reaching out to loved ones far away. You can call, text or FaceTime. Let’s face it, life can get crazy at times and these people who matter to you are the ones you’d probably want to lean on. They make life all worth it.


Make. Daily. Deposits.



    This last one is just all real as the others. This puts focus on you and your work routine. I add his part of the core to my morning routine & my JDH vision.

On select days, I work behind the chair in my salon and and I have a specific day set aside where I dedicate my time to blogging, setting new goals, and every other business related goal. It’s all business but I tend to throw in the core four when needed.  I’m starting to implement a 10-15 minutes marketing study time every morning. Anything I can do to make your morning routine better. You can add it to yours. 


Sharpen your brain, increase your income, and expand your business!

There you have it guys! Core Four. They all go hand in hand. If any of these are out of balance, all the others suffer. Take these 4 steps seriously and they will help you become the best version of you. I really hope this helps you guys as much as it has helped me!


Remember, always
Aspire to Inspire!


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