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I’ve heard some clients complain about using purple shampoo and it not helping their brassy hair. Well, I’m here to explain why.

First of all, it might be glad to know that purple shampoos have their different strengths. Some are weak and can barely help you achieve hair toning while others are strong enough to actually turn your hair purple. So, you should be careful with the brand you choose to use.

P.S.  Do not use shimmer lights, it turns your hair green!

Secondly, there’s a huge difference between brassy and yellow. The difference is that the color term ‘brassy’ is actually considered orange because real brass metal, is pretty orange. We learnt how to counteract different tones in the basics of hair school. Purple counteracts yellow and blue counteracts orange. This is because they are opposites on the color wheel.

So, the reality is that if your hair has an orange hue, using purple shampoos won’t work because purple doesn’t solve an orange problem. Blue does. The sad part is that blue shampoos aren’t easily accessible and often, they aren’t strong enough. If your hair has an orange hue, you need to either have it colored professionally, or have it lifted out with a lightener.

Purple shampoo can help yellow hair, but that sometimes isn’t enough. Certain outside elements and hard water can cause build up on the hair that needs to be lifted out. Sometimes, toners and shampoos just aren’t enough. So, what then would be enough? You might ask.

Well, that’s what you have me for, right? 😊😊

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