You’ve probably heard me and a couple of stylists talk about being “certified”. Now you’re probably wondering what this means. Let me explain.




Just like you have to go to nursing school and graduate in order to practice nursing legally, the same way it is for us stylists. We go to hair school and graduate/pass the state board. So you see, in order to do certain things legally, you have to be certified. In order to maintain her brand as she sees fit, Danielle White, the creator of Natural Beaded Rows had to trademark her method. With this in place, for any stylist to do NBR, they have to go through a certification process. It’s unlike any other method of extension where anyone can get taught and do it whichever way you want.

Again I’ll reiterate, NBR is so much more than just sewing hair in. There is so much more to it than that.

The method is completely different. There’s certain placement, Bead tension and placement trick, color, custom placing the hair, cutting, stitching and so much more that encompasses the brand!  All these are included in the training process and until we level up and pass these tests, we can’t get certified.

Also, NBR is about delivering quality and satisfactory results. Faster speed, quality hair with less damage, more blended color, and most natural looking.

So you see, it’s very important it is for stylists to be certified. Danielle and DKW put me through trainings and I continue to do weekly webinars with them so I could perfect this. When it comes to practice, no one is ever too good for it.

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